Your feet are made for traveling

No matter where or how you travel you use your feet a lot. They need to be prepared for that travel and you need to look after them. Even though there are a lot of worse things than a bad foot ruining your holiday, you still do not want it to happen.

Preparation Before You Go
Probably the most important part is the preparation before you go. If you are going to be walking a lot when traveling and you are not used to doing a lot of walking, then you are asking for trouble. Before you go, well before you go start going for daily walks. Increase the amount that you walk regularly so you are used to walking a lot and walking every day. Getting accustomed to the amount of walking is important.

Get the Right Shoes
Getting the right shoes well before you go is going to be important so you get a chance to do some walking in them before hand. Preparation is everything. Make sure the shoes fit properly, have adequate support and there is plenty of room for the toes to move around and there are no pressure points. Consider getting a proper pair of walking shoes or even running shoes from a specialty running shoe store. They can offer you the best advice. If you want things like flip flops to wear around places like the pool, consider products like the Archies Arch Supporting Footwear which are so much more comfortable and supportive.

See a Podiatrist before you go
Before you go, you may even want to go and see a podiatrist, they are your foot’s best friend. This is especially important of you have a history of foot problems. The last thing you are going to want to happen is for that history of foot problem(s) slowing you down or ruining your travel. If you have heel pain, they will look at what sort of support the foot needs and advise on some specific exercises that probably will be most helpful. If you have corns, they can deal with that. They can treat a plantar callus. They may make a lot of recommendations for a wide range of foot problems to help you get ready and deal with any issues you have.

Foot Pain While You Are Traveling:
All manner of foot problems can develop on holiday. For example, if you are traveling to a colder climate, then be on the alert for chilblains. These are painful and itchy patches that occur mostly on the toes as a reaction to the cold in those who are vulnerable. To prevent these, make sure you keep the feet warm. If you get a chilblain while traveling, then get a chilblain cream to rub into them and keep it warm.

Getting a blister on the foot is another great way to ruin a holiday. If you have had a problem before with blisters, then preparation before you leave is even more important. Make sure you get used to wearing the shoes you are going to be doing a lot of walking in. Even carry some tape with you on your travels so you can use that to protect the skin if a blister should develop.

There are so many other potential foot problems that can happen while on holiday. Be aware and sensitive to any signs of anything starting and do something to deal with it promptly.

Hat tip, Mimi Chrzanowski, from Croydon Total Footcare for giving some of the above advice.